It's Time to Find Relief
from the Chaos
of Disorganization

We all have a space in our home or office that turns into what I call the "catch all space". The place where everything from the important to not so important stuff seems to land. We'd prefer to have a place for everything and everything in its rightful place, but despite our best efforts things just seem to collect in our catch all spaces. This space is a source of stress and dissatisfaction. It is the tangible product of a need for a workable and intuitive organizational system that can be applied to every area of your home or office.

At What A Relief we believe that our job as professional organizers goes beyond simply getting you organized. It's also about helping you develop the skills needed to create and maintain organized living and working spaces. What A Relief will customize an organizational system that is workable and intuitive for you. Giving you the confidence and know how to stay organized!

What A Relief organizes homes and offices throughout the Capital Region.

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